Our Web Cam

This project started in the summer of 2007, when over cocktails, brothers Marty and Steve expressed their desire to experience Conesus Lake from their Texas and North Carolina homes. Since we had a highspeed line already installed, it wasn’t too difficult to add a webcam in the front window.

The camera we are currently using is a Mega-pixel surveillance type camera with a built in processor, plugged via P.O.E. into our DSL router. While easily set up, we have had mixed luck with it. The supplied lens was of poor quality and we had to upgrade immediately. Also, initial software didn’t allow us to capture just the video feed without including the set-up dashboard. Very frustrating indeed, but after months of e-mails, new firmware from the manufacturer finally provided us a solution. We’d like to improve our site next year by adding some real-time temperature and wind speed data, and perhaps a zoom feature.

It costs us about $55 a month to operate the camera, with 90% of that number being the DSL charge from the phone company. We are always sniffing around for donations of any amount to offset the costs. If you feel so moved, please send your gift to:

Steve Parker
24 Forest Lake Circle
Greensboro, NC 27407

Anything you send will be greatly appreciated.

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